Empowering an autonomous future.

Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector, and mobility applications.

We are committed to a simple, yet powerful purpose: putting data to work to empower an autonomous future.

Hexagon is unlike any other technology company on the planet. What sets us apart is a unique portfolio of sensor, software and autonomous solutions that together are unleashing the power of data to change the world for the better. Our focus is to continually feed a strong R&D base to drive innovation and organic growth, paired with an acquisition strategy that targets emerging and complementary groundbreaking technologies. This combination has transformed Hexagon into a frontrunner in sensors and software and positioned us to lead the autonomous revolution.

Website: https://hexagon.com/

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Overview of Vires VTD

Creation of a Real-world environment

Dynamic environment and simulation

Sensor placement and integration

VTD ADAS applications

VTD – ADAMS integration


Basic knowledge of ADAS and C++