Autonomous Vehicle education is just one step away.

Presenting an opportunity for you to fast-forward your career in the world of autonomous vehicles!

The Formula Bharat Driverless Vehicle Workshop is a program dedicated towards providing you with the first steps of getting you into driverless technology. From online sessions with knowledge partners and industry experts, to final evaluations that will test your knowledge, this workshop intends to equip you with the tools necessary to get your foot into the industry!



What are Driverless Vehicles?

Driverless vehicles, also known as autonomous or self-driving vehicles, are vehicles that can operate, navigate and sense their environment without any human involvement. These vehicles use a combination of sensors, actuators, complex algorithms and machine learning systems to perceive the environment around them, analyze data and then make decisions to control it’s movements.


Registration ends on August 30, 2023
Online Sessions from September until November 2023
Participation and Evaluations involved in Final Certification


The Formula Bharat Driverless Vehicle Workshop provides participants with the opportunity to connect with experts, researchers, engineers, and industry professionals to on their insights, research findings, and best practices related to driverless vehicles. This technical software-focused workshop which will be held online from September until November 2023, is equipped with multiple tools, training and evaluations to help participants plan, design and eventually build an autonomous vehicle to participate in Formula Student events in the future.

Topics & Modules

The following are examples of topics covered during the course of the workshop:

  • 3D Scenes for Automated Driving
  • Visual Detection of Objects
  • Path Planning and Trajectory Control of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Integrated system-of-systems simulation connecting 0D,1D and 3D co-simulations
  • Embedded system design & Open Vision for ADAS
  • Radar Antenna design and integration
  • Advanced Simulations to assist development of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Robot Operating System (ROS) for Autonomous Driving
  • Sensor Fusion in Autonomous Driving
  • Mapping and Localization
  • Mini Project to demonstrate the SLAM à used for the evaluation
  • and more!


In addition to the knowledge gained from participating in the workshop, registered participants will also have access to:

  • Session recordings (where available, until February 2024)
  • Study material and resources
  • Licenses for tools and software offered by Partners
  • Internships by select partners
  • E-Certificates after successfully participating in sessions and final evaluations.

Career Opportunities

Here are some potential career paths and job opportunities related to autonomous vehicles:

  • Research and Development
  • Sensor Technology
  • Software Development
  • Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
  • Safety and Testing
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Automotive Industry Integration


Who is this workshop for?

While this workshop contains assignments that reflect on Formula Student vehicle models, the content shared is applicable for anyone interested in pursuing a career in autonomous vehicle engineering. This includes final year engineering degree students, those pursuing their Masters or Post-Graduate in a similar field, and even those working in industry.

What are the pre-requisite knowledge requirements for anyone taking this workshop?

The following lists out required and recommended levels of pre-requisite knowledge required by those registering for the workshop.


  • Basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics and / or similar
  • Basic knowledge of C++
  • Basic knowledge of ADAS


  • Basic understanding of MATLAB Onramp, Simulink Onramp (for the portion of the workshop delivered by MathWorks)

In what language will the workshop be conducted?

The workshop will be conducted in English.

What is the scheduling for the workshop?

Sessions in this workshop will be held live on a virtual platform from September 2023 until November 2023, at specific times mentioned on the Schedule page. For the convenience of our participants, these sessions will also be recorded. Access to these recordings and written discussions on the Forums will be made available on this website until March 31, 2024.

Will I receive a certificate for participating in the workshop?

Yes, all registered participants will receive an e-certificate by Curiosum Tech Private Limited, provided that they have successfully completed all assignments presented during the workshop.

I will be unable to attend a specific live session due to a prior commitment. Will I still be able to access the recordings?

While it is recommended for participants to attend the online live sessions, for convenience, these sessions will also be recorded. Access to these recordings and written discussions on the Forums will be made available on this website until March 31, 2024.

I am not based in India. Can I still register and participate in the workshop?

Yes, of course! All of the workshop sessions will be held online. You may need to keep the time zone in mind as the Schedule will reflect the timings in Indian Standard Time (IST).

I am facing concerns with registering for the workshop. Whom can I contact?

For concerns related to the program administration, scheduling and speakers, write to Crystal at driverless@curiosumtech.in. For concerns related to registration (payment and invoicing) or website, write to Cathy at info@curiosumtech.in.

Why should you enroll?

The Formula Bharat Driverless Vehicle Workshop is the only one of its kind in India. Powered by its industry partners and range of experienced speakers, this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to gain knowledge in autonomous vehicle technology while also exploring software algorithms and practical applications for the same. 

For more information, reach out to driverless@curiosumtech.in.

The Formula Bharat Driverless Vehicle Workshop is hosted by Curiosum Tech Private Limited.